Joe Pass – “Virtuoso” 1973 – All Songs


PDF, 12 songs, 150 pages, music notation only.

This book was transcribed and handwritten in the 1980’s, then I finally decided to scan this manuscript and put it on my website in PDF format.
It was only handwritten in standard music notation, no tabs or chord diagrams.
However, I added a list of diagrams that can be found in the last pages, which sum up the chord positions that were used by Joe Pass on this album.

the scores of “Night And Day”, “How High The Moon”, “‘Round Midnight, “Blues For Alican” have been completely rewritten with chord diagrams and tablature and are now available on Soundslice (links on the first page of each PDF)

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Joe Pass
Album : “Virtuoso
Joe Pass (g) solos
Los Angeles, August 28, 1973

01 – Night And Day (with tab & Chord Diagrams & Soundslice link!)
02 – Stella By Starlight (handwritten music notation only)
03 – Here’s That Rainy Day (handwritten music notation only)
04 – My Old Flame (handwritten music notation only)
05 – How High The Moon (with tab & Chord Diagrams & Soundslice link!)
06 – Cherokee (handwritten music notation only)
07 – Sweet Lorraine (handwritten music notation only)
08 – Have You Met Miss Jones? (handwritten music notation only)
09 – ‘Round Midnight (with tab & Chord Diagrams & Soundslice link!)
10 – All The Things You Are (handwritten music notation only)
11 – Blues For Alican (with tab & Chord Diagrams)
12 – The Song Is You (handwritten music notation only)

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